About Us

FemmeStore by JillJorrges is an idea created from self-reflection. An idea through self-awareness and problem solving that aspired an idea that made sense not just to oneself by to the identity of so many people. The availability of time to reflect on so many things happening all over the world. That idea was Feminism.

FemmeStore by JillJorrges has acquired with the tools of ecommerce, to use an entrepreneurial spirit to enable the selling of an ideological product through to the masses on a global scale.With words that speak to over 50% of the world population and pinpoint exactly what we want to say for we can communicate in numbers, for all to read on the front of a t-shirt, sweater or cap and we will be heard.

Terms referencing Feminism, Empowment,  MeeToo, Femme Power, Unicorn, Cats, Girl Pwr, Inspire and CAN are some of the words on T-Shirts sold in FemmeStore by JillJorrges. These words speak to us for reasons so many of us understand and can relate to. It’s for a movement, a progressive understanding that out fellow sisters, mothers and women all understand a movement that is shaking us up to our core.You can identify with it because it speaks to you with purpose, integrity, strength and perseverance.

It doesn't matter what part of this global world we live in. If you have access to the internet and you want one of these products or t-shirts and notice we don't send via postage and handling to your country, then just contact us via Messenger or email us at FemmeStore by JillJorrges and we will contact you with a quote and have it shipped to you as per your instructions.

More power to the #SistaHood #MeeToo #FemmeArmy